Those who are really not concerned about saving money can basically shop anywhere for what they are looking for. However, those of us on a strict budget must put some thought into this if we want our goals to become tangible. For example, when we originally priced Pergo flooring, it was in excess of $4.50 per foot installed. Multiply that by 400 square feet and we have already attained a bill of $1800 (not including tax)!

Immediately we knew this was way out of my budget, but we still wanted to go with a laminate floor. We then started to price locations I found in the yellow pages, Internet, and local PennySaver magazines. we learned that if we were to purchase and install flooring from distributors/wholesalers, we could save more than a thousand dollars! Even better, if we could find a location that had an excess of a particular item in stock, then they would offer this at an unbelievable price (just like the one we found at .49 cents per square foot).

Point is, if you are willing to do a little “digging” and research in order to find the lowest price available on your products, then you will be rewarded BIG TIME (just like we was). However the flip side to that coin, if you are impatient and you want your remodeling to begin tomorrow, then most likely you will have to pay more for what you’re looking for. It all depends on both your time and money situations.

Personally, for us, this was not a “must have done in two days” project, so we didn’t mind spending two and a half months working on this in my spare time. I did save a ton of money, but it did take me much longer than if a contractor was hired to complete the job. Again, it all depends on your own personal situation. Just keep in mind that saving money on home improvement projects is possible if you are willing to get a little “dirty” 🙂

Save Money On Home Improvement Projects